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Imagine that now is all there is
Imagine for a moment that there is no answer, no path, no end goal or meaning and no point.
Imagine there is nothing judging you, not even your own internal dialogue.
What if you are already free?
What if the spiritual path to enlightenment is just another fairy-tale, a projection in your mind?

Our motive for finding the right relationship, the right career, the right house is in fact no different from the motive to be at peace, or one or happy or detached or ‘to let go’ or ‘be good’. Nothing is ever enough. We require a bigger ‘hit’, multiple lovers, more money, more status, more fun. All of these material options and spiritual aspirations are temporary solutions at best but ultimately hopelessly inadequate.

Maybe eventually we find a teacher and the teacher communicates that they are in possession of the answer-enlightenment and that if we work hard and follow such and such a form or do this exercise for a number of years that we too will ‘let go’ and be enlightened too. Not only is this notion impossible, it also sets up further rounds of striving and failing and striving harder, to be free. The pattern is the same, the only thing that has changed is the ‘prize’. It is the practice of imprisonment – compelling to the student and perpetuated by the master.

Who thinks they are going to be free?

Zendo points at something that is already present. It doesn’t need to be found. It already is. No amount of exercising or letting go will unveil what already is. ‘We’ the seeker are the problem. What is sought is not only always present, and never went away, it is in the very essence of the deluded seeker. For example - we look with our eyes to find the answer, when what we are looking for is not only in everything we see but in the very eyes that are seeing!!!!

There is nothing that needs to be let go!

By giving up the struggle to be perfect the perfection in the imperfection is remembered.
We only need to stop running around to see we are already here. The collapse of the self happens when we stop self-improving and accept there is just now……

Acceptance of the now allows for this collapse.
Gone is the feeling of unworthiness.
This gives way to boundless love.

It is ever present

It never left you

Tobyn Tribbeck emphasises that there is no need for development, purification or improvement, whether that is in physical exercise, our daily lives, or our minds. There is only now.

Zendo is a not-for-profit meditation centre located in Gillingham, North Dorset, first established in 2002 by Tobyn Tribbeck. It offers weekly classes, monthly weekend workshops and residential retreats.

Zendo offers a meditation practice that encourages stillness, well-being and inner peace without the need for religious ceremony or ritual. The practice involves a combination of zazen - sitting meditation and gentle exercise. Members are also actively involved in supporting community projects and volunteering to help local people.

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