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Zendo is a not-for-profit meditation centre located in Gillingham, North Dorset, first established in 2002 by Tobyn Tribbeck Sensei. It offers classes every weekday, monthly weekend workshops and residential retreats each year. These are organised, supported and attended by the Zendo Sangha.

Zendo offers a meditation practice that encourages stillness, wellbeing and inner peace without the need for religious ceremony or ritual. The practice involves a combination of zazen - sitting meditation and gentle exercise. Members are also actively involved in supporting community projects and volunteering to help local people.

Zendo runs a full programme of activities.

Morning meditation sessions
Daily exercise and meditation classes in our main centre in Gillingham
Weekly yoga classes in Gillingham
Monthly weekend retreats in Gillingham
9-day and 16-day residential retreats
Massage and Shiatsu sessions
One to one therapy
Relaxation workshops for children, teenagers and older people
Workshops in London and abroad

Please see the calendar page or contact
for more information.

Zendo is a not-for-profit organisation. All donations are gratefully received

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